waheya studio teaser november 2014 // new album 2015

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story There is no first steps without tripping over your own feet a bunch of times.Waheya took their fair share of such first steps in order land on their paws.
Through first attempts amongst brothers battleling it out for recognition on the breakfast table, to a handful of friends jamming together deep down on the shores of a lake in butt fu.. nowhere....
Waheya’s members didnt mind taking the long road towards... eventually recording their very first own album armed with a blindfolded focus and geared up to enjoy every moment of finding together.
Dealing with an overflow of influences with no ties to mayor direction, Waheya is drifting along Germany`s music scene playing an intrigiung combination of soul hip funk jazz based on German wordplay touching roots with some oft the academics in the band. The past years waheya played a plenty of gigs from local venues to major festivals in Germany and Austria. All that mattered throughout that period was their journey
trusting something different and playful would be the outcome.
It took some time to get to the point but when it finally emerged the 9 members of the band found each other down in Berlin Wedding recording their album at the end of 2014. The outcome are 8 tracks, covering
their “Werdegang” musically and personally
throughout sometimes psychedelically touched sound and lyrics. It takes 9 musicians playing drums, bass, guitar, saxophone, trombone, keys and vocal rap to make waheya jam, you can clearly feel their fun while listening to their rather unique new album. They hope to make you smile to their funky approach to shake up the German music scene. Waheya
written by: rodeo dick


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